Friday, 22 February 2013

[REL]Miraak - Skyrim


  1. Why does the link direct me to download Miraak's Sword instead of the skin itself? Was it an error when uploaded or is it the skin, but reusing the names of the sword's archives?

  2. My fault darling. I fixed it. I initially wanted to post both the sword and the skin but I forgot to add the skin's link. Thanks for notifying me.

    1. Thank YOU for noticing so fast man. I have been waiting for an skin like this for a long time :D

      Now I can finally roam through San Andreas screaming "FUS RO DAH" while killing people with RPGs XD

      Have a nice day bro, and keep up with the good work :)

  3. Some questions
    Does this work for skin selector?
    If it works why it gives me crashes? I have a clean gta sa folder, do i need any other archive or something?

  4. Change the name of the skin and try.

  5. Make a skyrim knight please :P

  6. Very nice work bro ! I noticed you care for what people here says, It was you that brought the Dovahkiin skin ? also.. please can you do some Half-Life 2 skins ? I'm crazy to get the Hunters, Striders and Gunships from the game.. I'm doing a famous GTA Series on Brazil.. quite popular.. and every season I brought a all new things to increase the story.. and it all passes on a "Crossover" world.. where Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, Half-Life, Halo and lots of other games characters are in it.. the called "GTA - O Caçador de Lendas". if you please can do those skins.. I would be so grateful !